About UT Extension and Our Leadership

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the UT Extension website. Whether helping agricultural producers operate prosperous enterprises, empowering families to successfully address the social determinants of health, or providing youth with the hands-on learning experiences needed to transition into successful adults, UT Extension is here for you. Our staff work hard every day to make Tennessee a better place to live, work and raise a family. With employees located in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties, more than a dozen academic departments and centers, and four 4-H Youth Development Centers, our team of over 1,000 staff members are focused on serving the people of Tennessee and beyond. Our website is designed to help you connect with your local Extension professionals. Our goal is to deliver educational programming that helps you make informed decisions and identify solutions to improve your everyday life.

Justin Rhinehart, PhD Profile Page
Justin Rhinehart, PhD
Interim Dean and Professor
Dawn Seigel
Admin Coordinator I
Ashley Marie Mike
Admin Specialist III

Our Mission

UT Extension’s mission is to help Tennesseans improve their quality of life and solve problems through the application of research and evidence based knowledge about agriculture and natural resources, family and consumer sciences, 4-H youth development, and community development.

Our Vision

UT Extension is the premier educational organization for all Tennesseans. Extension increases economic prosperity, improves environmental sustainability, and enhances well-being in rural and urban communities.

About Extension

Follow any road in Tennessee and you’ll find people whose lives have been influenced by UT Extension’s educational programs. Extension agents live and work in every county in the state. They help people solve problems and lead richer, more productive lives. Agents are the two-way link between Tennesseans, both urban and rural, and the University of Tennessee. UT Extension has a 110-year history of evolving to meet the changing needs of the state. As the outreach unit of the UT Institute of Agriculture, UT Extension provides a gateway to the resources of the University of Tennessee. UT Extension is a county-based, statewide educational organization that is funded by federal, state, and local governments to achieve the mission of providing unbiased, research-based information to the people of Tennessee where they live and work. Because Extension emphasizes helping people improve their livelihood where they are located, most Tennesseans have contact with UT Extension through their local county Extension agents found in each of the state’s 95 counties. Extension agents are supported by a network of university faculty and subject matter specialists and the educational and research resources of the University of Tennessee as part of the Land Grant University system.

Our Core Values

UT Extension serves society using high quality educational programs that improve Tennessee’s quality of life, economy and environment. UT Extension employees, volunteers and partners are people of integrity. In all of our efforts, we value communication and responsiveness.

Our Organizational Principles

As UT Extension we …

  • Are the gateway to the University of Tennessee as the outreach unit of the Institute of Agriculture.
  • Are a statewide educational organization with an office in every county.
  • Are members of a team that includes employees, volunteers and partners.
  • Are responsible for advancing Tennessee and committed to team decisions.
  • Are public servants who make wise decisions regarding time and resources.
  • Encourage listening and mutual respect.
  • Support diversity and inclusivity in people and programs.
  • Use technology and promote lifelong learning to improve the lives, environment and economy for all Tennesseans.
  • Strive for excellence in all things.

State Leadership

Janet Fox Profile Page
Janet Fox
Assistant Dean And Professor | Extension Administration
Jamie Hassler Harris Profile Page
Jamie Hassler Harris
Interim Director | 4-H Youth Development
Missy Kitts Profile Page
Missy Kitts
Budget Director | Extension Administration
John J Toman Profile Page
John J Toman
Interim Director | Extension Evaluation and Staff Development

Eastern Region Leadership

Mitch Beaty Profile Page
Mitch Beaty
Extension Program Leader II | Eastern Region Office
Ty Petty Profile Page
Ty Petty
Ext Program Leader II | Eastern Region Office
Kelli Roberson Profile Page
Kelli Roberson
Ext Regional Director | Eastern Region Office
Justin Thomas Profile Page
Justin Thomas
Ext Program Leader I | Eastern Region Office

Central Region Leadership

Carla Y Bush Profile Page
Carla Y Bush
Ext Program Leader I | Central Region Office
Melissa A Henry Profile Page
Melissa A Henry
Extension Program Leader I | Central Region Office
Chris Hicks Profile Page
Chris Hicks
Ext Regional Director | Central Region Office
Martin R Koon Jr Profile Page
Martin R Koon Jr
Ext Program Leader III | Central Region Office
Jim Stewart Profile Page
Jim Stewart
Extension Specialist I – Post Retirement | Extension Evaluation and Staff Development

Western Region Leadership

Danita Lynn Brookins Profile Page
Danita Lynn Brookins
Ext Program Leader III | Western Region Office
Jerry Don Lamb Profile Page
Jerry Don Lamb
Ext Regional Director | Western Region Office
F Neal Smith Profile Page
F Neal Smith
Extension Program Leader II | Western Region Office
Tracey L. Sullivan Profile Page
Tracey L. Sullivan
Ext Program Leader II | Western Region Office

Administrative Staff

Jo Carlson Profile Page
Jo Carlson
Admin Specialist III | Extension Administration
Mary Beth Johnson Profile Page
Mary Beth Johnson
Assistant Director Of Finance | Extension Administration
Cindy Deann Lay Profile Page
Cindy Deann Lay
Human Resources Consultant | Extension Evaluation and Staff Development
Ashley Marie Mike Profile Page
Ashley Marie Mike
Admin Specialist III | Extension Administration
Lela Moore Profile Page
Lela Moore
Accounting Specialist II | 4-H Youth Development
Trudi Neubeck Profile Page
Trudi Neubeck
Administrative Specialist III | 4-H Youth Development
Carla Phillips Profile Page
Carla Phillips
Business Operations Specialist | Extension Administration
Maya Plaster Profile Page
Maya Plaster
Assistant Director | 4-H Youth Development
Krista Seals Profile Page
Krista Seals
Accounting Specialist III | Extension Administration
Dawn Seigel Profile Page
Dawn Seigel
Admin Coordinator I | Extension Administration
Deb Jones Welch Profile Page
Deb Jones Welch
Ext Program Assist III – Post Retirement | Extension Evaluation and Staff Development
Kristy A Wogomon Profile Page
Kristy A Wogomon
Accounting Specialist III | Extension Administration