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UT Extension

Williamson County 4-H

Horse Bowl and Hippology


Jr. Horse Bowl

Round One​​

Quiz One
Quiz Two National Questions One
National Questions Two National Questions Three
National Questions Four State Jr. Questions


Sr. Horse Bowl​ ​

Round One​ ​Horse Bowl One
National Questions One National Questions Two
National Questions Three​ National Questions Four
Senior Questions One Senior Questions Two
Senior Questions Three State Questions Four

Hippology Anatomy and Conformation​ ​

Conformation​ Equine Hoof

Hippology Behavior​ ​

Understanding Horse Behavior​ Horse Behavior and Stable Vices

​ ​Hippology Breed, Color and Markings

Breeds One​ Breeds Two
Breeds Three Breeds Four
Horse Terms Horse Colors and Markings
Horse ID

Hippology Health​ ​

Equine Health​ Parasites One
Parasites Two Horse Diseases
Equine Medicine

Hippology Management​ ​

Intro to Horses Equine Management
Equine Management Two

​ ​Hippology Nutrition

Intro to Equine Nutrition​

​ ​Hippology Reproduction

Reproduction One​ Reproduction Two
Reproduction Three

​ ​Hippology Tack Equipment

Horse Riding Equipment​ Types of Show Jumps
Tacking Horses

​ ​Hippology Jeapardy Quizzes

Hippology Sample Test​ ​

Jr. Study Questions​ Jr. Study Answers
Hippology Board 08 Markings Hippology Leader Guide
Hippology Stations 2009 Hippology Stations Answers 2009
Hippology 2009 Test​ Hippology 2009 Test Answers
Missouri Jr. Hippology​ Missouri Sr. Hippology

Resources​ ​

Resource One Resource Two
Resource Three