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 Garden Insects, Pests, Diseases and Weeds

/publications/pubThumbnails/sp631-1.jpgSP631 - Bacterial Wetwood Disease of Trees

Authorship: Charles H. Hadden; Alan S. Windham; George M. Hopper; Wayne K. Clatterbuck
Price: $0.00

/publications/pubThumbnails/w220-1.jpgW220 - Bamboo

Authorship: Becky Koepke-Hill; Greg Armel; Bill Klingeman; Susan Hamilton; Shawn Askew
Price: $0.00

W273 - Black Rot of Crucifers
Plant Diseases series
Authorship: Steve Bost
Price: $0.00

/publications/pubThumbnails/w230-1.jpgW230 - Bushkiller

Authorship: Becky Koepke-Hill; Greg Armel
Price: $0.00

/publications/pubThumbnails/pb1599-1.jpgPB1599 - Carpenter Ants -- Those Big Ants in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Authorship: Karen M. Vail
Price: $0.00

/publications/pubThumbnails/sp707-1.jpgSP707 - Choosing the Right Herbicide

Authorship: Greg Breeden; Greg Armel
Price: $0.00

/publications/pubThumbnails/w208-1.jpgW208 - Colorado Potato Beetle
Vegetable Pests series
Authorship: Frank A. Hale; Richard Johnson; Jerome F. Grant
Price: $0.00

W245 - Common Herbicides for Fruit and Vegetable Weed Control
This chart provides recommendations for the best treatments available for weed control in most vegetable crops.
Authorship: Greg Armel, Extension Horticultural Weed Specialist <br>Beth Babbit, Extension Urban Horticulture Area Specialist
Price: $0.00

W244 - Common Herbicides for Ornamental Weed Control

Authorship: Greg Armel; Beth Babbit <br>
Price: $0.00

/publications/pubThumbnails/pb726-1.jpgPB726 - Common Ticks of Tennessee and Their Control

Authorship: Reid R. Gerhardt; Karen M. Vail; Harry E. Williams; John New
Price: $0.00

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The latest information about control, management and impact of fire ants in Tennessee.
Information about row crops; stored grain; vegetables, fruits and nuts; lawn and turf; trees, shrubs and flowers; livestock; household and structural; wildlife management; beekeeping; insecticides, nematicides, insecticides and miticides; pesticide safety; distance diagnostics and more.
The latest fire ant information from eXtension, a nationwide partnership of 74 universities.
Information about the latest in bee research, diseases and pests; the UT Beemaster Program, IPM; and links to other resources.
Resources from across the U.S. about honey bees and beekeeping; diseases, pests and conditions; breeding and rearing bees; research updates; and answers from experts.