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UT Extension

Advancing Tennessee

Flood Recovery

Photos: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey; AP Photo/Jeff Roberson            



Extension Disaster Education Network

EDEN links Extension educators from across the U.S. and various disciplines, enabling them to use and share resources on disasters. Topics in Focus include floods and floodingoil spill, pandemic flu, tornado, swine influenza, and food safety and defense

eXtension is an online, interactive learning environment containing researched knowledge from land-grant universities across America. Information, articles, frequently asked questions and more can be found.  Disasters: Floods Clean Up and Recovery is one of the many topics covered.


TEMA - Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

Recovery information - the longer process of bringing the community back to 'normal'

Resources for Storm Victims:


How to apply for disaster assistance:


Housing and Mold

CDC - Molds in the Environment

EPA - Flood Cleanup: Avoiding Indoor Air Quality Problems; A Brief Guide To Mold, Moisture, and Your Home; Mold Resources; Mold and Moisture; Flood Cleanup and the Air in Your Home

Red Cross - Repairing Your Flooded Home

UT Extension - Mold and Cleanup After A Flood

UT Extension - Protecting Wood in Flooded Homes

UT Extension - Drying Flooded Wooden Structures

If your home was flooded and you have removed the drywall and other building componenets, you need to make sure the studs and other wood framing materials are dry before you enclose them; or you could have mold growing inside your walls! Take a short tutorial on how to use a moisture meter to make sure your home structure is dry enough to complete. You will need to set up an account, but it's free and easy.

Contact your local Extension agent to see if a moisture meter is available for loan.

Landscapes and Gardens

eXtension - Recovering the Flooded Landscape

UT Extension - Flood Information for Landscape and Gardens

UT Extension -  Pesticides in Flooding Situations


eXtension - Returning to a Farm After a Flood

eXtension - Salvaging Flood-damaged Agricultural Buildings

eXtension - Managing Flooded Grain Bins

UT Extension - Dead Animal Disposal

UT Extension - Wandering Livestock

Food Safety

U.S. FDA - Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages, and Floods

UT Extension - A Quick Consumer Guide to Safe Food Handling

U.S.D.A - Food Safety During An Emergency


UT Extension - Replacing Important Papers


Rutgers Extension - Helping Children Recover From Disasters

LSU Extension - Rebuilding Our Lives After the Storm - A Disaster Recovery Self-help Series for Families

NDSU Extension -   How Am I? - A Booklet about stress for kids

Schools and Other Large Buildings 

EPA - Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings